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Mark Richardson Bows out of the One More For The Road UK Tour

Hi all, we've all just seen that Mark Richardson has posted the news that he will not be able to do the tour in December. We weren't aware that he was planning on making the announcement today, so we were all a little surprised when the Twitters and Facebooks exploded on us!

Firstly it is true he won't be able to take part, but this was only confirmed to the rest of us a couple of days ago by Mark who had, until then being trying to move things around and make the tour happen in the face of mounting pressure from his long established Skunk Anansie new album promotion.

However it was a shock to us that he did this announcement on his own, as we were planning a joint statement letting you all know why and what the circumstances are.  We have read some of the comments about this and fully understand why some of you are upset, but like I have said, we have been trying desperately to keep Mark on board but it has obviously proven impossible.

What we are doing now going forward, is seeking a player that can fit comfortably with the band and deliver the songs in the way we all expect. There are a couple of guys you will know, so I'm sure you'll be happy with the choice!

It's not a perfect situation by any means but I'm sure you'll understand that this whole LA reunion has been careful and tentative for us, and even after DL we weren't totally certain we would tour, so I hope the fact that the remaining members (including the horns) are still up for it is acceptable! We can't wait to play to you all again.

Many thanks for the continued support and we are sorry this announcement has appeared a tad sloppy that wasn't our intention.

All the best


LA HQ Interviews SKIN's Myke Gray about the One More For The Road Tour...

Hi Myke - many thanks for taking the time to speak to us at LA HQ!

LA HQ: Of course, it has now been announced that SKIN will hit the road again this December in the UK with Little Angels. Last we heard SKIN were no more...what convinced you to get back together for this tour?

Myke: To be honest we have Toby to thank for that. Toby and I have stayed friends over the years, and Skin asked him to come on tour with us on our farewell tour. He has always been a great guy and one of the gentlemen in Rock Music.  Red White & Blues, my other band, played at Download this year and obviously I was there to see the Little Angels reunion, Toby told me of their plans and asked me if Skin would support, I obviously said yes instantly, and to be fair the other members didn't take much convincing, on the drive back from Download i called each one and by the time I got to London it was all sorted.

LA HQ: When you originally toured with Little Angles, SKIN were still very new. What effect did that tour have on the band?
Myke: The first tour SKIN ever did was supporting the Little Angels on their farewell tour, it was all new to us as a band, and we didn't know what to expect. The Little Angels fans were amazing to us and gave us a warm reception and it was the kickstart of our success.

LA HQ: Do you have any specific memories from the tour that you'd like to share with the LA fans?
Myke: The over riding memory is what great guys they all were and how well they treated us. We always got soundcheck, and was always made to feel welcome, The friendship continued on after the tour, we toured with B.L.O.W, Bruce's project after The Little Angels, and he played on a track on the second Skin album. Another great guy, and it was great to catch up with him at Download.

LA HQ: Do you have a favourite Little Angels song?
Myke: She's A Little Angel, love the opening riff.

LA HQ: Is the December tour a one off for SKIN or is there a possibility of anything else on the horizon?
Myke: I have given up predicting the future, I think we all love playing music too much to walk away now.

LA HQ: You shared the stage with Little Angels at Download 2012 , playing with your other band Red, White & Blues - did you manage to catch the Little Angels set that (very wet and muddy) day?
Myke: I stood on the side of the stage with Paul Anthony from Planet Rock with big smiles on our faces, there was nowhere else I was going to be that day, I was extremely happy for them, I went thru a similar thing with SKIN in 2009, the experiences you share with your band members, is long lasting and gets ingrained in your collective DNA, you become brothers or sorts.

LA HQ: Tell us a little bit about the Red, White & Blues and what your future plans with them involve.
Myke: Red White and Blues is a band that I formed with Matti Alfonzetti, it started as a little project but turned into something much bigger. In our first year we recorded an album, toured with Steel Panther, The Quireboys, Chickenfoot, Whitesnake, Lynyrd Skynyrd and then played on the second stage at Download. The bands website is www.theredwhiteandblues.com if you would like to check us out. We are hoping to tour again before the year is out and we are writing the second album. 

Thanks again for talking to us Myke. Good luck with the tour and with the Red, White & Blues! See you on the road!

For more information of SKIN please visit their official website at www.skinfreak.co.uk


Little Angels on Sky Arts

Little Angels are to feature on the Sky Arts Download Festival highlights special on Friday night (repeated Saturday). Full details at the link below...





One of the UK’s best rock bands, Little Angels have today announced that they will be embarking on a UK tour (their first in nearly 20 years) this December. The ‘One More For The Road’ tour will stop at 9 cities across the country throughout December. Little Angels tickets go on general sale on Friday 27th July from www.ticketmaster.co.uk or www.livenation.co.uk

On July 2nd 1994 the Little Angels played their final gig to a sold out Royal Albert Hall in London. Toby Jepson, Bruce John Dickinson, Mark Plunkett, Jimmy Dickinson & Mark Richardson took their final bow, shook hands and brought to an end the life of one of the UK’s finest rock bands, splitting up at the height of their popularity. In June this year the Little Angels re-united and made their long overdue return to a rapturous reception at Download Festival, Castle Donington.

Speaking on their reunion and their ‘One More For The Road’ tour Little Angels say

'As we walked off the stage at Download this year we all knew that we couldn't leave it at that. We always loved playing around the UK so to get the chance to re-visit some of our old stomping grounds, eighteen years later, is just great.'

Joining Little Angels on this tour are another UK rock treasure, Skin. Speaking on the upcoming tour, guitarist Myke Gray had the following to add

‘The first tour that Skin ever did was supporting the Little Angels in 1993, it was an amazing time and the launch of our career. To be given the chance to do it all again is too cool for words! Good to see British Rock is alive and well!’

With special guests SKIN




Tickets go on general sale 9am on Friday 27th July priced at £18.50 regional / £20.00 London (subject to booking fee) and are available from www.ticketmaster.co.uk or www.livenation.co.uk

More info on Little Angels click through to http://www.littleangelsofficial.com/
Follow on Twitter - @LittleAngelsJam #OneMoreForTheRoadTour

More info on Skin click through to http://www.skinfreak.co.uk/
Follow on Twitter - @sk1nfreak #OneMoreForTheRoadTour


Thank You!!!

We just want to say a massive thank you for all the support you've shown us over the past week. It's hard for us to sum up just what these reunion gigs have meant to us all. We know that 18 years has been a long time to wait but it really did only seem like the day after the Albert Hall when we stepped on stage in Oxford and Portsmouth.

Little Angels never got to play Donington back in the 'Monsters Of Rock' days, so for us to come back all these years later and play Download was very special. The day itself was a chaotic mix of traffic & mud that will no doubt become part of festival folklore as the story is retold - but for us, the gig was simply brilliant. The build up to Download started on the saddest of days, as we met each other again at Mike's funeral, yet it ended on the proudest of days for us all at Donington.

When we say it 'ended' at Donington, we may not quite mean 'the end'! We've certainly all got a taste for it again so let's see where that might take us...