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Thank You!!!

We just want to say a massive thank you for all the support you've shown us over the past week. It's hard for us to sum up just what these reunion gigs have meant to us all. We know that 18 years has been a long time to wait but it really did only seem like the day after the Albert Hall when we stepped on stage in Oxford and Portsmouth.

Little Angels never got to play Donnington back in the 'Monsters Of Rock' days, so for us to come back all these years later and play Download was very special. The day itself was a chaotic mix of traffic & mud that will no doubt become part of festival folklore as the story is retold - but for us, the gig was simply brilliant. The build up to Download started on the saddest of days, as we met each other again at Mike's funeral, yet it ended on the proudest of days for us all at Donnington.

When we say it 'ended' at Donnington, we may not quite mean 'the end'! We've certainly all got a taste for it again so let's see where that might take us...

Toby's Blog from LA Rehearsals

Dear all

Just a few musings on the first rehearsal of our band of brothers...

I keep getting asked by journo's ' what gonna happen next' or ' there's got to be a tour after Download...!' Well, let keep this all in perspective; its been 18 years since the last LA shows, we've all got different lives, kids etc so right now the joy is in the reunion and the bringing together of 5 mates that happened to make a reasonable success out of a collective dream through sheer determination and unbridled energy...so to get this far ACTUALLY REHEARSING FOR DOWNFUCKINLOAD is pretty awesome and the start of a new chapter in the history of the band, regardless of how long that chapter lasts for!

For so long the very idea of a reunion of ANY type was a fading fantasy and I think we all had accepted that...however, the world spun, energy returned, the planets aligned and here we are! In a rehearsal room in London, revisiting our history and loving-every-minute-of-it...

Many things have changed but nothing has at all...the same dynamic exists, Bruce and his incredible focus (and sound), the solid powerhouse that is Mark Rich, the stoic cool of Mr Plunkett and the mad scientist that is Jim!!! Haha! I love em all and its such a joy to be cranking up the volume and blasting through 'She's a little Angel', 'Boneyard','Young Gods' etc...and really, honest to goodness, it has all clicked back into place!!! Yeah, there are senior moments happening (I totally forgot all the words to Young Gods yesterday!!! First time EVER!!) but on the whole its beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!

One thing that has changed, and for the better I feel, is that because there is no record company pressure or pressure of any real kind we are all so much more relaxed and comfortable with each other, the respect of each other is clear and we are generally agreeing on most things...older? definitely, wiser? most certainly...

Thing is, all the stuff that meant so much to us back then means the same to us right now; be great, strive to put on a killer show, do it for the audience and make it fun to attend and take part in...that's all I need right now, I'm just glad I'm playing music with my mates again and what happens next is what happens next...although what I will say is; it feels TOO GOOD for this to be all we've got to say soooooooo....watch this space!
See you all on the ice...


Marylebone, London, June 1st 2012


Mark Plunkett Blog - Oxford

It's the morning after the night before in Oxford - and I can't stop smiling. Thanks to everyone who came to see us last night, we couldn't have asked for a more overwhelming reception when we stepped out onto the stage. It's not often that us Northern blokes get carried away with emotions but it really did feel like we were riding on a wave of friendship last night - friendship between the five of us and friendship between us and everyone in the crowd. That's a very special feeling and is something that no band should ever take for granted.
There was definitely a lot of nervous energy flowing around back stage before we went on but I think we played pretty well considering it's the first gig in 18 years! Fingers crossed for another great night in Portsmouth tonight...

Photos courtesy of John Dickinson


Get Little Angels on BBC Radio 2!!

As this week marks the return of Little Angels, after and 18 year absence, we think it's time to rally the troops and get the band back on the airwaves...

Every Wednesday on the Simon Mayo show on BBC Radio 2 they run 'Matt's Middle Aged Midweek Mosh' during which they play an uptempo, rocking classic, as suggested by the listeners. We think that next Wednesday (6th June) 'Too Much Too Young' should be that song - and we need YOU to help make it so!!

You can get in touch the show by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and telling them:

Your Name
Phone Number
Choice Of Rocking Tune (Little Angels - Too Much Too Young)

Don't forget to also tell them why you think it should be Little Angels and that the band are back to play at the Download Festival on 8th June...

Then tune in to Simon's show on Wednesday to see if we did it!

Full details at the below link:


Good look guys and thanks again for the support! We couldn't do any of this without every single one of you!!