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Guitar Geeks



Mark 'Rich' Richardson

Full Name?
Mark Richardson

Job Description?
Drummer with Skunk Anansie


The way that you live? A day in your life…?
At home ... Gym, Supermarket, Breakfast, Walk the Dog, Practice, Lunch, Computer (video edit/photo's/emails) etc, Walk the Dog, Dinner, Movie, Bed. On the road... Gym, Breakfast, Emails, Visit a Gallery, Lunch, Soundcheck, Promo, Show, Dinner, Sign Stuff, Talk Rubbish, Bed

A Brief history – what have you been up to since the Little Angels split?
b.l.o.w June 93 - August 94, Skunk Anansie August 95 - September 2000, Feeder January 2002 - January 2009, Skunk Anansie January 2009-Present.

Barry Sheene, Gareth Edwards, John Bonham, Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandella, Dali Lama, Valentino Rossi,

Artist/Song/Album of the moment?
Any dubstep

Movies / TV?
All movies...Boardwalk Empire

What do you drive?
When I can't ride my rxv 450 supermoto, a Land Rover Discovery 3

Holiday destination?

First Job?
My old mans newsagent.

Unfulfilled ambition?
Heroes-Legend Rally on a bike (an amateur race following the old Paris-Dakar route)

3 People you’d like to go for a drink with?
Valentino Rossi, Guy Martin and Jensen Button

Get on your Soapbox – What really gets on your nerves..?
Liars and manipulators.

Favourite Little Angels song and why?
Young Gods, the band and Michaels finest hour.

Favourite Little Angels memory?
Before I joined I roadied for them at some local shows, it was pretty exciting being involved because there was fuck all else going on in Scarborough in 1986/87. They sold out the local theatre which held 1600 fans and shortly after that they got signed.

Any web links you would like us to check out?
www.skunkanansie.net, I am riding through Zambia for my chosen charity www.riders.org November 23, I have a photographic exhibition in Milan @ www.sourmilk.it

A message to the fans?
See you at Download..