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Toby Jepson

Full Name?
Toby Matthew Jepson

Job Description?
I have several I could use, having started to wear many hats, but always think Musician is the most apt and fitting title.

October 9th 1967

The way that you live? A day in your life…?
From day to day, moment to moment. I have always pretty much worked for myself. I don't like a plan really, and can't stand being tied down for too long. This has both positives and negatives obviously, but I feel it has served me well as life has been unpredictable, exciting, challenging and rewarding as a result. The best thing I have ever done is embrace the 'say YES to everything' attitude. It works.

I work from project to project at the moment, so a typical day if I'm producing music at home in my studio would probably be; Kids lunches, school run, Internet stuff - usually answering emails/talking to clients overseas etc then gym, eat, studio till the school run, studio, eat with the family, studio till 8ish then try to relax with the family till bed. If i'm touring that's a whole different ballgame and has it's own set of rules...

A Brief history – what have you been up to since the Little Angels split?
I went solo, made an album with my own money that was disastrously released and sunk without trace! This caused me to re-evaluate my future and I went into a period of writing/producing songs with others attempting to re-invent myself. It was a very lonely period but has born fruit since as it was a time where I had to re-learn, stand on my own two feet and think in the moment. I met a lot of very cool people in that period that helped to heal my mistrust of the music business and the types of people that occupy and controlled it and eventually managed to achieve a balanced perspective that continues to aid my working life. I still have relationships with most of the folk I met in that period, although I consider myself self sufficient and work 'with' them as opposed to 'for' them - I have learnt to trust my instincts and make my own decisions and live with the consequences; allowing others to influence your personal development too much doesn't work in my experience as 99% of the time they have agendas and reasoning contrary to what you're wishing for.

I worked in the film business in the UK for around 3 years which was amazing and added to my rehabilitation at the time as it was hugely creative, very hard work and different everyday; one day sharing chewing gum with Ridley Scott dressed as a Roman legionary, another being Tom Hanks assistant (lasted a month that did!) and another standing in for Christopher Lambert on the last Highlander film... I have released records pretty consistently, mainly to allow me to tour and have fun. Recently I have split my time between producing - The Virginmarys, Saxon, Fastway, Chrome Molly - and singing in bands - Solo band and acoustic, Fastway, GUN and most recently Dio's Disciples. I have also begun working on movies again, this time as a score composer the first of which should materialise in 2012...I still don't know what I want to DO for a living! But I'm having fun figuring it out....

I used to think it was musicians exclusively but now I feel more influenced by simple things like, honesty in everyday life, my family, my parents.

With regard to how I got to where I am creatively...Freddy, Plant, Ronnie, Elvis, Lennon, although not as much any more actually; McCartney's early solo work is more interesting to me now as I have matured and don't feel quite so much need to protest! Stephen King, Norman Mailer, Tony Benn, Clive Barker, Steven Spielberg, Jack Black, Terry Gilliam, Stephen Fry, Alan Moore, Shane Meadows, Herge, Goscinny and Uderzo, Blackmore, Page, Hendrix, Grohl, Bill Hicks....the list is endless...I love determined creative, uniquely voiced people who seek to empower and improve our lives without hatred or bitterness...

Artist/Song/Album of the moment?
Rainbow/Stargazer/Rainbow rising...

Movies / TV?
How long you got? I have thousands of films at home and actually have turned a room in my house into a cinema complete with a 12 foot screen!!!! Ha ha...it's my passion...currently i'm working my way through the Leone catalogue so its; 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 'For a few Dollars More' etc and his master works, 'Once upon a time in the West' - Charles Bronson, Peter Fonda's finest moments and the beautiful Claudia Cardinale - and 'Once upon a time in America' - my personal favorite performance by De Niro...pretty much anything by Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Jon Carpenter, Scorsese, James Cameron, Tarantino, Frank Capra, Orson Welles, Hitchcock, the French new wave directors like Jean-Luc Godard (Breathless, Bande a part) and Truffaut and my favourite Terry Gilliam...again the list is endless...never really got into TV that much although 'LOST' got me hooked as did 'The Wire'. Love quite a lot of American comedy like 'Curb your enthusiasm' and 'entourage' but I'm still a Python nut through and through...BBC news in general and Radio 4 (greatest contribution to modern culture this country has produced i feel)

What do you drive?
A crap car

Holiday destination?
Don't really have one, we've visited some unbelievable places but have in recent years enjoyed northern Spain...rather unexpected...love the US especially the West Coast but if pushed I'd say the greatest city in the world is Paris...I'd live there in a heart beat.

First Job?
Working for my Dad on a roof...best wages and on the spot training i've ever got...

Unfulfilled ambition?
I'm living the dream on a daily basis...

3 People you’d like to go for a drink with?
They are all dead unfortunately! Freddy and Ronnie...I did share a cup of tea with Steven Spielberg in the fuselage of a Dakota on the set of 'Band of Brothers' so that's one ticked off the list...I would most like to have sat down with Bill Hicks and just listened...Jack Black would be good! He's a Dio fan so here's hoping eh?

Get on your Soapbox – What really gets on your nerves..?
Rudeness and lack of simple manners is my number one; it takes nothing to be agreeable and to extend basic courtesy - call me old fashioned but it shows greater depth of character. I despise any form of racism, prejudice or blatant disregard for respecting others right to exist; it's always based in fear and hatred born of ignorance and shows a lack of education and moral fibre. Dis-honesty in general and tight wallets...

Favourite Little Angels song/album and why?
Dont prey for me both song and album...it was a sign of things to come. It's probably my finest moment as far as composition goes, and I have no idea where it came from! The record as a whole has some killer moments born of total naivety, a desire to create and be part of the music we loved! It's was tough getting that album done but it's raw, un-pretentious and full of the spirit of yoof...hoorah!

Favourite Little Angels memory?
The early years. The total commitment to 'making it'! we took on the big boys and at least stood our ground. It was amazing feeling it build and overtake our contemporaries! We were middle class lads with a dream who got organised, worked hard and let it all hang out until we turned heads...it didn't get ant better than that in my opinion! It changed, of course, once we got the deal with Polydor and needed to; it became a job and a well oiled machine and the success we achieved was massively rewarding, but my heart is in the embryo of the idea and the friendship and 'brotherhood' we had with each other...it's always brightest when the match is struck!

Any web links you would like us to check out? Current projects?
Keep an eye on my site: www.tobyjepson.com, thats where all my projects are announced...

A message to the fans?
You're the best! We couldn't have done it without you all and I hope you can find it in you to have one more go around the block with us! I look forward to re-making your acquaintances...