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Guitar Geeks



Jimmy Dickinson

Full Name?
Jimmy Dickinson

Job Description?
Keyboard Player 


The way that you live? A day in your life…?
Driving hundreds of miles, listening to Kraftwerk and the Archers

A Brief history – what have you been up to since the Little Angels split?
I was in b.l.o.w with Mark Rich and Bruce (can't really remember that part of my life), then I signed a new deal with Sony and made Playstation games check out this link for one of my tunes: 
Then I used the my games music alias and  formed The Younger Younger 28's - very weird. We did some gigs with Johnny Vegas and had a hit in Japan. Now I'm a commercial music lecturer at Bath Spa University and I work on other musical projects.

Whitesnake, Van Halen, Kraftwerk and the Ramones 

Artist/Song/Album of the moment?
'Video Games' Allanah what's her face...

Movies / TV?
Not really

What do you drive?
Landrover Freelander

Holiday destination?
Nice (South of France)

First Job?
Being in The Little Angels (I was 12)

Unfulfilled ambition?
To write a song that will last forever...

3 People you’d like to go for a drink with?
Ted Nugent, Paul Klee (painter) and a hologram of myself so I could ask myself some really arkward questions.

Get on your Soapbox – What really gets on your nerves..?
Crapness - lazy people with no drive or energy who expect everything in life...

Favourite Little Angels song and why?
... oooh that's a tough one.... Dont Prey for Me....it just means it!

Favourite Little Angels memory?
Grant (trumpet player) pulling his pants down in Hamburg saying "look at my lovely willy" I think that's what he said...

Any web links you would like us to check out? Current projects?
Soon - Younger younger 28's and b.l.o.w - I'll add links later + I work with a really talented singer called Liz - again I'll add later + I have some fab student bands - add later...

A message to the fans? How are you all?
What's happened in the last 17 years!!!!!