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Ian Allerton is a top luthier and has done excellent work on many of my guitars. For fun he his building a replica of woodfish to see if we can find out why it sounds so good. He has worked out what frequencies resonate when the guitar body and neck are tapped and is sourcing the right type of wood of the right age. Should be a fun project – watch this space as it develops. Check out Ian’s website and see some of his amazing work. 
www.guitar-works.co.uk /

Earlier this year I added some guitars to a track from a new  band called Knighthood - pure British Classic Rock. The band  features my very good friend and biggest influence  on guitar- Paul Curtis, and an amazing singer with the power of thunder-  Frank Knight. Paul taught me guitar when I was about 15 or 16 and from him I learned the meaning of real rock n roll guitar playing. Big sound and big vibrato…we were chatting on the phone and one of us said it would be fun to do the Lizzy style twin guitar attack  where we could play together, both of us having little experience of playing with other guitarists.  Paul and Frank came up with ‘Widowride’ ,which I loved, and I hopped in the car to Paul’s studio in Cumbria. He and I  spent a couple of happy days recording. We both used Les Paul’s and two different Marshall heads- can you tell who plays what?  Check out the above player to hear the track, and the facebook page on the left for some other corkers. The lads need to get out and do some gigs- the world needs more aristocratic English rock!!